Gold Diamond Bear

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This bear made of Gold Diamonds is a royal gift idea. The Gold Diamond is the essential design of optimism. Its supportive image helps all your loved ones in various complicated situations.

A beautiful mix between the indispensable teddy bear and the majestic diamond. A combination that arms it with great sophistication and timeless love.

Its sophistication brings it to every occasion that deserves such a unique and precious gift: Christmas gifts, birthdays, weddings but especially Valentine's Day.

Our craftsmen are dedicated to the quest for excellence and ensure that these bears are handcrafted with high-quality materials.

1. Exquisite Diamond Bear: High-end customization. The bear body is made of transparent resin diamond and pasted by hand. It is a unique gift.

2. Realistic Shape: The bear comes with realistic shape flower design, and it is soft to the touch. The bear is fragrant, and it can be stored permanently.

3. Transparent Gift Box: A crystal-like, window-like box that protects the diamond bear in a very special way, and the love represented by the diamond bear has been passed down.

4. Classic as Diamonds: Our diamond bears are more high-end than traditional rose bears, they don't look cheap like rose bears, and they are definitely the perfect choice for gifts.

5. Best Gift: Suitable for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Valentine's Day or any occasion. The bear is a beautiful and unique gift.